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Meet Doctor Bock
Meet Doctor Bock
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Please visit the "For You" section of our website. There you will find informative articles and video lectures relating to Lyme Disease and Lyme Disease related topics. Also if you would like to sign up for a mailer regarding any upcoming lectures that Dr. will be giving there is a link to do so. 

A faster, easier way to get ahold of your information. Just ask one of our staff to help you get a better understanding of the benefits of using this service.

The Integrative Treatment of Lyme Disease

by Steven J. Bock, MD

Picture this scenario: You have a patient who started feeling fatigued, a kind of fatigue she had never felt before. Various joint started aching in different places, starting with the big joints (hips, knees), elbows, ankles, fingers and toes. She complains of headaches and pain in the back of the neck. She has problems remembering names or retrieving thoughts. She has no history of arthritis, and no personal or family history of depression...

Dr. Bock is now available for limited hours at his California office location. 


Please call our office at 845.876.0300 to inquire about availability.  Dr. Bock will be taking appointments every 5 to 6 weeks at his Los Angeles office with Friday and Saturday appointments available.