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When you are suffering from an unexpected illness or injury, or when you simply require general medical attention without waiting for an appointment, we are the provider you need. Our professional team of board-certified physicians, nurses and technicians is equipped to handle a comprehensive range of urgent medical conditions and injuries, routine illnesses, and general medical services. 

​You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide. Below is a list of conditions we treat and the services and therapies we provide. 


Lyme Disease and Treatment of Associated Co-Infections Including:



Neurological Lyme Disease and Related Complications Including:


Multiple Scrosis




Attention Deficit Disorder

Autoimmune DisordersFibromyalgia

Candidiasis or Chronic Yeast Infections

Carbohydrate Tolerance

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Cardiovascular Disease

CHO Intolerance

Chronic Digestive Problems

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disorders

Chronic Pediatric Diseases




Food Allergies

Gluten Sensitivities


Hormonal Problems

IBS/Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Immune Dysregulation

Insulin Resistance

Male Andropause

Prostate disorder


PMS Issues

Mold Sensitivity



Poor Libido


Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction

Sleep Disorders

Thyroid Conditions

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  • Immune System Balancing

  • Anti Aging Regime

  • Stem Cell Therapy

  • Neurofeedback Therapy

  • Oral Supplement Regime

  • Bio Energetic Medication

  • Acupuncture

  • Weight Loss

  • Nutritional and Dietary Regime

  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

  • Ozone Therapy

  • And Many Others


​Utilizing a special EM frequency device, pulse biofeedback can be used to scan the body for interference in EM frequencies of various organs and body systems to diagnose and heal conditions that can range from sinusitis to chronic neuropathy.

Chelation and IV Treatments

Angina, heart disease and other disorders associated with poor blood circulation (including to the brain and the legs) have all been treated effectively with alternative treatments at our two Medicine centers. One of the techniques used is chelation therapy, in which an amino acid, ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid (EDTA) is administered intravenously to try to improve blood flow.

IV treatments offered at our Rhinebeck office include but are not limited to:

IV Vitamin C







Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs


​We offer acupuncture performed by a physician with over 30 years of experience in Eastern and Western medicine, along with Chinese medicine for the treatment of such musculoskeletal problems as headaches, back pain, fibromyalgia and other acute and chronic pain syndromes, as well as for stress, immune system disorders and digestive disorders.

UV Blood Irradiation

UVBI is ultraviolet light with ozone combined. This reduces viruses and bacteria, assists the immune system, rejuvenates blood  is a safe, proven medical procedure that kills bacteria and viruses, boosts the immune system, and rejuvenates the blood properties. This treatment also increases oxygen flow to the tissues. UBI has been used extensively for decades to treat medical conditions including polio, pneumonia, tuberculosis, infections, and cancer. 

Ozone Therapy


Ozone therapy disinfects your blood, detoxes the liver, improves circulation and oxygen supply, improves cellular metabolism, and helps neutralize viruses, bacteria and fungus.


NuCalm is the only patented system for balancing and maintaining the health of your autonomic nervous system.

It acts like a reset button that calms and focuses your mind while allowing your body to recover.  For more information on this therapy visit their website at

Heart Rate Variability Testing

(HRV) is the physiological phenomenon of variation in the time interval between heartbeats. It is measured by the variation in the beat-to-beat interval.

Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique (SOT)

SOT is a therapy for Lyme bacteria, co-infections, and other viruses like EBV, HSV, CMV, Varicella and others. This breakthrough therapy utilizes short DNA or RNA segments to block the expression of critical segments of genes needed for Lyme or viruses to survive and replicate.


Supportive Oligonucelotide Therapy (SOT) is also called Antisense Oligonucelotide Therapy (ASOT) which is the term used in medical research papers. SOT uses laboratory derived nucleic acids (genetic code) that blocks production of disease causing proteins or even gene expression. These pieces of genetic code are called oligonucleotides.


EBO2 is a minimally invasive IV therapy similar to homodyalysis. In this procedure, the majority of patients blood is re-circulated over 45 minutes for treatment with medical ozone, UV lights with the added benefits of removing fats, cholesterol, heavy metas, toxins and inflammatory proteins. 

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